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10 May 2013

Cajun Dining at Gumbo

I've been seeing Gumbo for the longest time, but I only got the chance to visit their restaurant on one Saturday afternoon after our Krav Maga class. 

Their food looked delicious from the photos alone. Although of course after taking photos of quite a number of dishes, I know that looks can definitely be deceiving. Passing by their establishment, their crew member gave us a coupon and when I read it, "Buy One Take One" I said to hubby "SOLD!" (By the way, the promo is up to the end of May, just pass by Gumbos Megamall and they would hand you a coupon.)

We had two dishes that allowed me to experience Cajun food that I fell in love with.

Sicilian Pasta with Pepperoni

Steak and Chicken with Mashed Potato and Mixed Veggies on the side

The promo/discount coupon allowed us to order a mix of steak and pasta, then pay for the one with higher value.

Let's breakdown the dishes:

Serving Size:

For the pasta, we ordered the large serving which could have easily fed 3 people.
The Steak and Chicken were also served in large portions, again enough for sharing for 2. 

The Taste:

Both dishes were heavenly!

The pasta was almost bare with only some herbs and pepperoni. The subtle spiciness from the dried peppers gave the pasta an edge, but it was definitely not painful on the tongue and taste buds. The olive oil used did not overpower the whole dish, instead it seamlessly tied the flavors together.

The steak was about an inch thick and enough to feed two people when combined with other dishes. Just be very careful when you give instructions on how you want your steak. We had to have it re-cooked because I specifically asked for a well done piece, but was given medium rare. I understand personal preferences, but personally, I want my food DEAD and COOKED, not bloody. The chicken was a filleted breast which was grilled to perfection.

The mashed potato serving was a melt in your mouth with chunky bits cooked by angels! It was even good without the gravy. As for the vegetables, they were not oily, no taste of butter and fat, but there was a certain unique flavor to it. 

Overall, the taste was very unique. Their pasta didn't taste Italian and both their grilled meat had certain unique tastes to them.

By the way, their drinks are refillable; they also serve complementary bread and some dip while you wait for your order. 

So, if you're looking for a great discount on food and a restaurant that serves uniquely flavored food, don't hesitate to drop by SM Megamall to ask for their coupons. Try Gumbos and let me know about your experience, yes? Bon Appetit!

Brightest Blessings!