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23 October 2013

Ketchup in Spaghetti?

As I was looking at the spaghetti being sold by a local vendor, I told myself that it may not be worth buying. However,  I have long ago learned that one should not judge the taste of food on looks alone. Foodies know that presentation may look gorgeous, but the taste is inversely proportional to it and vice versa. 

So, I decided to give it a try. There's no harm in trying, right? 

Unfortunately, this time I was wrong. I should have listened to my guts. The first thing I noticed was - soggy pasta. Spaghetti noodles should be al dente and not soft and squishy. I think here is what happened. After boiling the pasta, who ever made it didn't shock it in water to stop the cooking process. Then, she sauteed the sauce and re-cooked the pasta in it, cooking it further.

Now, when I tried to eat it, I noticed a sour aftertaste after each forkful. I stopped eating it immediately since I feared spoiled food. Then again, I tried a small bite and realized that it wasn't rancid or spoiled - the culprit was ketchup in the sauce. Sad to say that it went straight to the bin after I tasted it. 

How about you, dear friends, do you put ketchup in your spaghetti?

Brightest Blessings!