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03 October 2013

Review: Tous Les Jours Apple Shaped Cake

As my journey to discover good food continues, I came across Tous Les Jours in Eastwood City last April. Like what I've mentioned, their macaroons were heavenly. 

Last August, I was given the chance to visit the store again to buy two cakes to celebrate hubby's birthday. One of them I forgot to take a photo of, but it was a heart shaped cake that was soooooo good. 

Here's the one that I took a photo of: The Apple shaped cake

Let's talk about the taste. There's only one word for it -DELICIOUS! It wasn't crumbly, rather it was creamy and it had a very tangy strawberry taste to  it.The white icing was a little too thick for our taste though, but maybe it was because of the taste of a little alcohol that it had. 

I'd say that it tasted better than the heart-shaped cake that I bought which had too much of the good stuff that it made it difficult to eat. Will I buy another cake from them? Definitely! But, I might go for the chocolate sculpture cake for Christmas and New Year.


Brightest Blessings!