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03 March 2016

A New Journey in the Kitchen

 It's been a long while since I posted something on this blog. I missed my Kitchen and I missed sharing my food adventures to all those who take time to read this blog of mine. 

Anyway, at the start of 2016, I promised myself that I will share a new adventure in the kitchen, not just recipes, food photography tips, resto reviews and the like. This year, I want to share with everyone a journey that made a huge difference not just in my life, but in my hubby's as well.

Last year around June, he was diagnosed with hypertension, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and fatty liver. Whew! Quite a lot and was a cause of concern not just for him, but me as well. When we learned about it, we vowed to change our lifestyle and eating habits. In this kitchen, I will share with you the things that we did in order to help manage and even fight off this diagnosis.

I hope that you guys will stay with me and I hope that what you will read will eventually inspire you to do the same things that we did.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional nor am I a nutritionist. Whatever I will share in the future is mostly based on the diet that we followed and the results that we've seen over the course of the diet. If you think or know that you have the same condition, please consult your doctor and ask for guidance from a nutritionist.

Brightest Blessings!