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10 June 2016

Zark's Burger

Yeah, I know that I said we're trying to eat healthier. But, we have our cravings. Last Saturday, June 4th, we decided to give in to the temptation and enjoy a burger. Zark's was our choice since we told ourselves that we'd avoid the more popular joints.

Here are the things that we enjoyed that day:


 Their nachos are ordinary. Nothing really spectacular, but the serving was huge. What we liked: the portion was really good for sharing. What we didn't like: Too much on the drizzle which left the other chips a little soggy because they've absorbed the liquid from the dressing. The salsa, it was good, though a little heat would have been appreciated.

Next item on the menu: For him: The Zark's Ultimate Burger:

A 1/4th of a pound burger that lived up to its name. The patty was thick, but well done (is it just me or are we Filipinos more of a well-done burger eaters than medium-well or medium done?) Anyway, it was still juicy and you can still smell the freshness of the meat. The bacon though could have benefited from a little more time on the skillet as it wasn't crunchy.

And for me: The Zark's Submission Burger

The honey lemon sauce was good. It had the right amount of that tang without overpowering the entire burger. As for the garlic sauce, it seemed lacking a bit of that pungent garlic taste. Then again, if there was too much of it, I may not have been able to enjoy the burger that much. The heat on the burger leaves a little to be desired. If you say Submission burger, I was expecting a little more spiciness to it. But, there was a slice or two of finger peppers or jalapeno. 

The cons of both burgers - the bun wasn't toasted well enough. I think they only toasted one side of the bread and the rest was a little too soft. There were no sesame seeds on the bread. Really, it was plain. Nothing spectacular.

The other issue that we encountered, the veggies were almost an afterthought, a single lettuce leaf, a real thin slice of tomato were negligible. 

The pros - the size and the price, well, let's just say that you'll have a difficult time getting up after you finish your meal.

The fries, the burgers don't come with it. You need to pay a little extra to get those yummy potatoes that we so love with our burgers. They were not salty. There are salt shakers on the tables so that you can put as much, as little to none depending on your taste. We didn't put any on ours and yet, they were good.

If you're going to consider going to Zark's, I would just like to say that don't expect anything spectacular. At least from these two burgers. Who knows, they may have better tasting ones in their menu. Would I go back there? Yes! I would like to try their other offers and see if there could be a difference. 

Brightest Blessings!