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16 January 2017

Papa John's Pizza

Since we were not satisfied with our lunch, we decided to have dinner at the mall and went to Papa John's.

What we had was their set meal for two which came with two pasta dishes, a 9' inch classic pizza of your choice and 2 glasses of iced tea. Since we were still quite hungry we decided to order a side of bread cheese sticks.

Here's what we ate:

His choice: Bacon and Cheese pasta in Red Sauce. Honestly, it was good. Simplicity at its finest. It had the right amount of sourness that you would expect from a classic tomato-based pasta. 

My choice: Spicy Mushroom pasta. It was no disappointment to me. It had the right amount of spiciness that didn't overpower the taste of the mushrooms. The herbs on top which were there for presentation and flavor did give it the extra layer of flavor.

The Pepperoni Pizza

And the Cheese Bread Sticks

Food wise, the only criticism we have is that the pepperoni were sliced so thinly that it started to taste like chicharon or bacon. 

Service wise, the biggest thing that we noticed was that when they served the food, they served one pasta dish ahead of everything else. Now, when there are two or more people seated at the table, the food should be served at the same time. 

Hubby's pasta was a getting a little cold when my pasta arrived. That's the only let down, the rest of the experience was quite pleasant.

Brightest Blessings!