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18 April 2017

Soi Thai Restaurant | SM Megamall Atrium Branch

Benji and I went to Soi Restaurant in SM Megamall Atrium for dinner last Saturday. We ordered several dishes, including a serving of Chicken Phad Thai from the restaurant. 

On the menu it wasn't stated that it has dried shrimps as part of the ingredients. Upon eating said noodles, I immediately had an allergic reaction to it. My tongue felt thick, my lips were red and a bit swollen, the corners of my lips had some rashes, my chest was red, as well as part of my arms.

We called the manager immediately. The response we got after we complained was - "You should have informed us of your allergies so that we could have done something about it." Instead of apologizing, she immediately tried to turn the tables around. In response to that I said - "It is your responsibility as an establishment to list some common ingredients that can trigger allergies on the menu like shrimps (dried or fresh), peanuts, etc." for the simple reason, establishments have different ways of preparing certain dishes. 

After we complained, the manager didn't even offer any first aid remedies. We had to ask for sugar water! The restaurant didn't have a first aid kit in cases like mine. 

Lastly, we never received any apologies from said manager! Lesson learned - ask for the ingredients of a dish even if you have eaten it numerous times in different restaurants.

Brightest Blessings!