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19 June 2017

Food Photography Tip: Up High

There are times that I like to experiment when it comes to different angles while taking photos of my food. Most of the time, I prefer to shoot from a lower angle, closing in on the best part of the plating, and at times using the macro mode of my bridge camera to give it that oh so yummy bokeh.

For this shot however, I decided to approach it from a different view, high up. The camera was placed at a high angle, looking down on the plate. Why did I do it? I wanted to show the totality of the dish. From a lower angle and a closer crop, I would not have been able to show how the tofu contrasted with the colors of the vegetables on the plate. 

So, the next time you shoot your food, make sure that you try and take a photo from different angles using different settings. Choose the best one. Try to place the camera directly above your plate, look for a focal point, focus, and press the shutter button. But, don't forget to consider the lighting. The shot worked because there was so much natural light that shadowing was not much of a concern because there wouldn't be any discoloration on the food which would have made it look unappetizing. 

Brightest Blessings!