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20 June 2017

Spam Cheese Melt

I was thinking of making another stir fried dish using Spam as the main protein, but I just had some of the same dish yesterday. In order to revamp the menu, I decided to turn this Jalapeno can of goodness into a sandwich. No bread, I used the slices as the "bread" of this dish.

What I did was I used some olive oil to fry the Spam. 
After flipping one slice when a side was done, I placed the asparagus stalks, some quick melt cheese and then the slices of yellow bell pepper. Then I placed a bit more of the cheese before closing the "sandwich" with another slice of Spam. 

I flipped it again to cook the other side and melt the cheese further to hold the veggies together. 

After that, I served it with some more toppings of quick melt cheese. Just be careful with the amount of cheese to prevent the Spam from getting too salty.

Brightest Blessings!