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10 July 2017

Starbucks - Araneta Coliseum

This is a question that's been asked of me for a while now - What's so special about Starbucks coffee? 

To be perfectly honest, there's really nothing special about their coffee. It's something that you can learn to perfect at home, if you have the time and some of the equipment needed to roast, press, and drip your own brew. The tea that they sell is probably something that you can find in supermarkets and groceries. They could even be better. But, what's really special with this shop that people seem to like so much?

So, why do I go there personally? Here are several reasons:

Starbucks, Araneta Coliseum branch is a great place to people watch. I like looking at people and how they go about their day. 

Another reason, they are open until late. 12:30AM from Sundays to Thursdays and until 1:30AM, Fridays and Saturdays. 

I like the way they heat up their pastries like the Sticky Cinnamon Bun, Ensaymada, French Toast, as well as their sandwiches. I have yet to receive something from them that's only warm outside and still chilled at the center. 

Last and most importantly is they have GREAT customer service. There are a number of baristas there who have memorized my favorite drinks and how I want them prepped. My best example is my favorite Iced Venti Cafe Mocha. I take it lite - non-fat milk, no whipped cream, and less ice. I visit the branch once or twice a week. However, 4 baristas already remember those preferences. When it's my turn to order, the first thing that they'll ask is if it's the usual drink. If I say yes, one would recite all my requests to confirm. If I say no, they know that I want Full Leaf Tea over Ice - Chamomile or Hibiscus. Same goes for my food order. When I order the Full Leaf Tea, they know how to talk to me while waiting for it to steep. Oh, and of course, they also remember my name. If the queue is light, there would be 4 people making sure that my orders are correct and that everything meets their qualities and standards. 

And speaking of service, I once forgot to tell them to lessen the ice of my drink and it was a new barista who prepared it. When I took it back to ask them to take out some of the ice, the supervisor in charge that evening decided to just make me a new one - no questions asked and it was my fault. 

So, what's special about Starbucks - Araneta Coliseum branch? The people working there who take time to make sure that you get the coffee (or any drink) that you want, they way you want it. Perfection in every cup, that's what they offer. Couple that with staff who display good attitude and warm smiles, then they have got the perfect recipe for encouraging repeat and loyal customers. 

Hey, Starbucks Araneta Coliesum, you guys rock! 

And by the way, I've been going there since 2005. I've stopped for a few years because I've been to other branches, but I still end up going there. No matter the changes in crew, the service level remains the same. Kudos!

Brightest Blessings!


07 July 2017

Asian Shrimp Salad

Before I go on with this blog post, let me just voice out this frustration about Photobucket's quiet change in their Terms and Conditions. 

I know that when I agreed to their T&C, it stated that they can make changes to it as they deem fit or needed by the company. However, what I really didn't like was the fact that they disabled third party sharing of photos without any notice to their users. One day my photos were still good and showing, the next, I was hit with this food blog WITHOUT photos and in their place was an AD telling me to upgrade. Apart from being unable to see my photos, I also couldn't download them to transfer to them to another image hosting site or to at least host them here directly. Because of this, most of my entries DO NOT HAVE photos. I opted to erase each and every one of them instead of my visitors being welcomed by their crazy ad. 

Anyway, on to better stuff:

What you'll need:

1/2K medium shrimps, deveined and de-shelled
Cucumber diced
2 tablespoons of lite butter
5 cloves garlic finely chopped
5 tablespoons of honey (or according to your sweetness preference)
100mL of mandarin orange juice
5 pieces of mandarin oranges
Salt and pepper to taste

What you need to do:

Saute garlic in a pan of melted butter. Add the shrimps, orange juice, and honey. 
Take shrimps out of pan and set aside.
In the same pan, reduce the liquid then add salt and pepper. Wait to cool down.

To serve:

On a plate, arrange lettuce and cucumbers, top with shrimps, and peeled mandarin oranges. Drizzle with the cold reduced liquid/sauce. Serve. 

Brightest Blessings!



05 July 2017

Food Photography: Chicken Nuggets in Lemon-Mushroom Sauce

Brightest Blessings!