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It was sometime 2010 that I started thinking of sharing my food adventures to fellow foodies out there. When I started blogging about my gastronomic adventures, I wrote two separate food blogs, Halie's Kitchen and FooBu: Food Buddies, a recipe and restaurant review blog respectively. This year, I decided to consolidate my food blogs into one, hence Halie's Food Guide was born.

My recipes come from different sources. My mom who hails from the province of Pampanga (what is said to be the province of good cooks) handed me some of her recipes. Other recipes come from magazines and cookbooks, with a few tweaks and twists of my own. And lastly, some recipes I have made and discovered through experimentations in my very own kitchen.

As for the restaurant guide, I like discovering new places to dine in. The reviews here are solely my opinion brought about my experiences in the different establishments. I try to be as objective as possible in all my reviews. Negative remarks are solely based on my own experiences the time that I visited the restaurant. I am being truthful to those who read this blog and I will do my best to present both sides of the story, the good and the bad.

If you want to start your foodie adventure with me, read on and be tempted by the wonders from the kitchen.

>Halie< ^_^

And here's a little something about me:

Let me tell you a little something about your Food Guide.

Halie, as she is fondly called by friends, is the youngest daughter of a nice lady from the province of Pampanga. She learned how to cook because her mother instilled in her this life's lesson, "If you know how to eat, you should also learn how to cook."

When she was a young kid, her mother had a very difficult time feeding her. She would only try about three spoonfuls of what ever it was on the plate and then say that she already had enough. At around age 9, her mother started introducing the little girl to life inside the kitchen. She taught the child to peel green mangoes, peel onions, shrimps, etc. The little girl then fell in love with kitchen chores that she started helping her mom around the kitchen especially during big family gatherings and holidays. (Her mom was always tasked to cook most if not all the major meals during family reunions, holiday meals, the meals she made started from soups to desserts. She was also asked to help her siblings cook meals especially during big celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. She also sold sweet yam, leche flan, macapuno and other home made sweets during holidays or if there were any special orders, as well as cater to some friends during events.)

As time passed, the skinny kid discovered that she has a natural knack and passion for cooking. Once, she watched and observed a neighbor cooking biko (sweet sticky rice) and she immediately took note of the ingredients, how it was prepared and eventually cooked. One weekend, the kid asked her mom to buy the ingredients and offered to cook it for the family. She was only 10 then. After that, she was immediately "promoted" to the status of "little kitchen helper." The kid started to help her mother cooking homemade sweet yam, of which she remembers cooking at least 10kilos of it, solo!

It's been more than 20 years since she started helping around the kitchen. Halie is now married, with a kitchen of her own where she experiments cooking different dishes. Her restaurant adventures are mainly due to the fact that she wants to discover new places to eat in, try their food and basically have fun wtih her hubby during the weekends. She shares her adventures to those who read her blog as her way of saying thank you to her mom who helped hone her skills in the kitchen.

Share in her adventures as she goes around from kitchen to kitchen.

>Nathalie< ^_^

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